Leeds Metropolitan University Clearing 2023

Leeds Metropolitan University Clearing

Leeds Metropolitan University, located in the vibrant city of Leeds, offers prospective students a world-class educational experience. Navigating the admissions process can be daunting. However, the university’s Clearing service for 2023 is designed to help students secure a place on their desired courses. Clearing is an opportunity provided by the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for students who have not received offers or want to change their choices after receiving their exam results.

From 5th July to October 2023, Leeds Metropolitan University Clearing will be open to students who have completed their qualifications but have not yet secured a university place. This period is an excellent chance for individuals to explore the diverse range of undergraduate programmes offered at the institution. Notably, the university’s course offerings cater to various interests and career aspirations, including creative arts, business management, health and social care, engineering, and much more.

Students who wish to apply through Clearing can start by researching and selecting the most suitable courses according to their academic background, interests, and qualifications.

Leeds Metropolitan University Clearing 2023

Applying through UCAS

Leeds Metropolitan University, officially known as Leeds Beckett University, participates in the UCAS Clearing process for students looking to secure a university place for 2023 entry. Clearing is open until September 2023, and applying is easy. You can apply via UCAS Clearing from 1 July, starting by researching courses offered at the university. If you already have your results, you can apply via their course pages.

Subject Areas

Leeds Metropolitan University offers a wide range of undergraduate courses across various subject areas. Some popular fields of study include:

  • Business and Management
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health and Social Care
  • Sciences

To find the right course for you, it is essential to research and understand your preferences and career goals.

League Table

The university’s position in league tables can be an essential factor for students when choosing their preferred institution. Leeds Beckett University consistently performs well in league tables, especially in areas such as graduate employability, student satisfaction, and teaching quality. Keep in mind that specific subject rankings might also be relevant, depending on the course you’re interested in.


Before applying via UCAS Clearing, it’s crucial to determine your preferences, including the subject area, campus location, and course structure. Leeds Metropolitan University has two main campuses, the City Campus and the Headingley Campus, each with its unique features and facilities. Consider factors such as accommodation, student support services, and extracurricular activities when making your decision. By thoroughly researching your options and understanding your preferences, you can confidently apply for a course at Leeds Metropolitan University through the Clearing 2023 process.

Student Life at Leeds Metropolitan University

Support Services

Leeds Metropolitan University offers a range of support services to help students in their academic journey. These include:

  • Academic Support: Students receive guidance on study skills, essay writing, presentation techniques and more.
  • Counselling and Mental Health Support: The university offers confidential counselling as well as mental health support for students struggling with various issues.
  • Disability Support: The university has a dedicated team that provides assistance to students with disabilities.

Work Placements

Work placements are a crucial aspect of Leeds Metropolitan University’s curriculum as they help students gain hands-on experience and improve their employability. The university is known for the employability of its graduates thanks to the strong emphasis on practical experience in their chosen fields.

Placements can be taken as part of a sandwich degree, where students spend a full year working in an industry related to their course. Alternatively, shorter placements may be integrated into their studies throughout the academic year, enabling them to gain experience whilst completing their coursework.

Studying Abroad

Leeds Metropolitan University encourages students to engage in global experiences by offering study abroad options. With 71 university agreements around the world, students can explore different academic environments, cultures, and international networks.

Students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or an academic year, often with the possibility of transferring their credits. This experience can be a valuable asset on their CV and help them stand out in the competitive job market post-graduation.

Academic Excellence

Graduates in Employment

Leeds Metropolitan University takes pride in preparing its students for the job market through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. A significant number of graduates find employment within six months of completing their degrees. This is a testament to the university’s commitment to providing valuable skills and industry-focused programs that cater to the needs of the job market.

Teaching Quality

Leeds Metropolitan University is dedicated to maintaining high-quality teaching standards. The university has a strong focus on professional training and career development, enabling students to benefit from the expertise of faculty members who are experienced professionals in their respective fields. Through innovative teaching methods and learning opportunities, students acquire the knowledge and skills required to excel in their chosen disciplines.

Overall Student Satisfaction

Leeds Metropolitan University takes the student experience seriously, striving to ensure students are content with every aspect of their academic journey. According to the National Student Survey, high levels of student satisfaction have been reported, reflecting the institution’s dedication to offering an outstanding learning experience. From engaging course materials to a supportive campus community, Leeds Metropolitan University aims to create an environment that fosters both academic and personal growth for every student.

Leeds Metropolitan University Campus


Leeds Metropolitan University, now known as Leeds Beckett University, has a vibrant campus situated in the heart of the city of Leeds. The campus offers an excellent balance of urban life and green spaces, providing students with a dynamic learning environment.

The campus is located close to several key transportation links, making it easy for students to commute and explore the surrounding areas. Additionally, the campus is just a short distance away from popular attractions, shopping centres, and the historic city centre, giving students various opportunities for leisure and entertainment.


The main campus is situated at the following address:

Leeds Beckett University Woodhouse Lane Leeds West Yorkshire LS2 9JT United Kingdom

Given its prime location, students at Leeds Metropolitan University can enjoy all of the benefits that come with studying in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city like Leeds, while still being able to access the scenic countryside nearby. The West Yorkshire area offers the perfect mix of city life and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for students who want the best of both worlds during their time at university.

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