Stirling University Open Days 2023

stirling university open days

The University of Stirling is excited to announce its Undergraduate Open Days for 2023, providing prospective students with the perfect opportunity to explore the campus and discover the wide range of courses on offer. Taking place on 16 September, 4 October, and 21 October, these events allow future students to engage with teaching staff, current students, and learn more about the university experience.

In addition to the undergraduate open days, the Postgraduate Open Day, with details announced in September 2023, offers the chance for individuals looking to further their education and enhance their career prospects. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with faculty staff, enquire about specific courses and access essential information about the postgraduate programmes available.

Visiting the University of Stirling during these open days is an excellent opportunity to experience the beautiful campus, witness first-hand the top-tier facilities, and get a real insight into the academic environment. Whether attending an on-campus event or participating virtually, this is a crucial first step for all prospective students in deciding if Stirling is the right choice for their academic journey.

Stirling University Open Day 2023

Undergraduate Open Days

The University of Stirling has scheduled its undergraduate open days for 2023 on 16 September, 4 October, and 21 October. During these on-campus events, prospective students will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful campus, discover the diverse range of courses offered, and engage with staff and students. These open days serve as an excellent opportunity for applicants to immerse themselves in the University’s vibrant atmosphere and learn more about student life.

Postgraduate Open Days

Although the exact date for the Postgraduate Open Day in 2023 has not been announced yet, the University of Stirling plans to reveal the details in September 2023. Similar to the undergraduate open days, the postgraduate open day provides prospective students with an opportunity to explore the 330-acre campus, interact with staff and students, and gain valuable insights into the university’s postgraduate offerings, including course details, accommodation options, and student support services.

Additional campus tours are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants and their families to visit the University of Stirling. By participating in these tours, visitors can gain a more detailed understanding of the campus, its facilities, and the overall student experience offered at Stirling.

Exploring the Campus

Campus Tours

The University of Stirling offers campus tours to prospective students and their families, giving them an opportunity to experience the beautiful grounds and state-of-the-art facilities. Campus tours are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, subject to availability. To attend one of these tours, you can book a visit on the university’s website.

During the campus tour, you’ll have a chance to speak with current students and staff members who can provide valuable insights into life at Stirling University. The tour encompasses various aspects of the campus, including academic buildings, sports facilities, and accommodation options.

Virtual Tour

If you’re unable to attend a campus tour in person, the University of Stirling offers a comprehensive virtual tour that allows you to explore the campus from the comfort of your own home. This interactive experience provides a great opportunity to see what Stirling has to offer without physically visiting the campus.

The virtual tour covers all key aspects of the university, including academic departments, sports facilities, and campus features such as the picturesque loch and surrounding parkland. By navigating through the virtual campus, you’ll be able to get a feel for the atmosphere and see whether Stirling University is the right fit for you.

Subjects and Courses

The University of Stirling offers a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate subjects and courses for prospective students. During the Open Day 2023, individuals will have the opportunity to gain insights into these subjects and interact with the university community.

Course Presentations

Course presentations are an integral part of the Stirling University Open Day experience. Attendees will have the chance to learn about various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, delving into the intricacies of studying at Stirling. These presentations offer detailed information on the curriculum, teaching methods, and assessment criteria for each subject. Furthermore, they also highlight the unique aspects of Stirling’s academic approach and how it prepares students for their future careers.

Virtual Subject Booths

In addition to the course presentations, the Open Day also features virtual subject booths, where attendees can further explore their preferred areas of study. Prospective students can interact with faculty members, current students, and staff to gain a better understanding of the academic environment at Stirling. These booths allow individuals to:

  • Browse through the available undergraduate and postgraduate courses in numerous disciplines, such as Accounting and Finance, Aquaculture, Biology, Business and Management, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Criminology, Data Science and Data Analytics, and more.
  • Engage in discussions with course representatives about the intricacies of studying at Stirling.
  • Obtain essential information about application requirements, key dates, and additional resources for prospective students.

By participating in the course presentations and exploring the virtual subject booths, individuals interested in the University of Stirling can make well-informed decisions about their academic future and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Open Day 2023.

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